Ralph Fiennes

Bill Nighy as Prince Naberius-Valentine Morgenstern

Bill Nighy

Valentine Morgenstern, the books' main antagonist. A powerful and evil Shadowhunter. He turns up after several years when he was supposedly dead and attempts to steal the Mortal Cup from Jocelyn. He is also the real father of both Sebastian and Clary, and experimented on both of them, as well as Jace. Consumed by the belief that he must purify the Shadowhunter race and convinced of the righteousness of his cause, there is nothing he will not do to eradicate the earth of Downworlders. Joining forces with the demons, he has his son Jonathan, who is half demon and half shadow-hunter, destroy the defenses surrounding Alicante, which then allows his demon army to attack Alicante. In the end, when he kills his "son", Jace, he is in turn killed by the angel Raziel in compensation for his selfish deeds.

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